Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Piano: Grade 3 2021

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Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Piano: Grade 3 2021

The Royal Irish Academy of Music 2021 Piano Exam Album. This book covers the exam pieces for: Elementary, Preliminary & Primary. The exam for this book can be taken in 2021 into the First Period of 2022.



Johann Wilhelm Hässler                     Un poco vivo                                                 

Réamonn Keary                                  There you go George…                                 

Samuil Maikapar                                At the Smithy Op. 8 No. 5                             

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach                Allegro                                                                      

John McLachlan                                 Melody for K                                     

Tamara Niekludow                             Goblin’s Dance

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